Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Day 4 of 9, Nightime Update

From some of the comments, like this one from Navie-B, "Bad day at work, Ha?" I know you folks haven't been paying attention. Now, maybe it's only Navie-B who hasn't been paying attention, but given the fact that she hits my website at least 30 times a day, I'm suspecting that she's just playing dense to see if she can provoke me.

That's the problem with you people. You're always trying to provoke me. Really, how could I have been "less PC" before? I defy you to point to one PC thing I've ever written. Just one.

There you go again, provoking me.

Anyways, let me explain for you folks who don't really pay attention because you have jobs or kids to raise or noodie models to go throw dollar bills at: The nine days is the number of days I have to spend in a row with my fambly. Now, since there are apparently both Democrats and Canadians reading this, let me explain something that maybe I considered to be implicit: the way I spend 9 days in a row with my fambly is by not going to work. See, if I were at work, I wouldn't be with my fambly. See? Do you? No, really? See, so if I'm not at work because I'm in day 4 of 9 days in a row with my family, that kind of implies (again, I assume my readers can draw logical conclusions despite being mostly womens, and that's probably my own personal failing for keeping that small, happy spot in my heart still alive that believes humanity isn't doomed to go the way of Europe) that I'm NOT AT WORK. And, again with the implications, if I'm not at work, I can't really be having a "bad day at work" now, can I?

Today was mostly uneventful. I picked Fat Moother up at the airport, though we had a bit of a snafu where I didn't know that you can't actually pick people up at baggage claim, but you have to pick them up one level below that cuz only buses and limos and taxis are allowed on the baggage claim level at DEN. This led to the inevitable phone call that goes like this, "I'm at the curb, but I don't see any place where cars can come. Just buses, limos, and taxis." "I'm at the curb, too. Only I don't see any place for buses, limos, or taxis." Rats.

The Childrens went a little crazy when I arrived with Granny, though FreddyC (the dog for those not following along - which is apparently all of you except maybe The Mrs., who for sure knows who FreddyC is) may have gone the most crazy of all. But now things are calm. MaxieC is asleep, and HannieC is playing the piano.

Oh, and my barstools finally arrived today. Like 11 weeks after ordering them.

I'd like to welcome a new member to the blogroll fambly: Rhonda of Rhonda's Blog fame. I filed her under the Borebloggers category for now. We'll have to keep an eye on that. I am bestowing upon Rhonda's Blog the much coveted "Blog of the Week" title and the inevitable Cherkylanche of hits that come with that. Too bad she doesn't have her AdSense context-sensitive advertisements up yet.

I think The Mrs. put it best a couple days ago when she nonchalantly asked Me, CherkyB, "Who's Rhonda?" To which I answered in a very non-rehearsed way, "I don't know."

The Mrs. gave me one of those, "but wait, there's more" looks, so I expanded. I said, "I was clicking on 'next blog', and I came across Rhonda's first post, to which I left comment. Then she left a comment back on Me, CherkyB, and she has left comments on most of the posts since then."

On the same day, I also left a 10 or 11 paragraph advisory comment on the blog of some dude in Texas whose band just broke up and was complaining that his parents thought he might be gay and that everyone else was pretty sure he was hooking up with his "just friend" Kimmy. I'm a regular Tom Leykis. Haven't heard back from him, but statcounter tells me I have a pretty regular reader in Plano now, and I don't know anyone in Plano. I don't think I even know anybody who knows anybody in Plano. So, here's a shout out to Plano dude. Welcome.

Oh, and I got a death threat comment from someone else who had a single post that said, "This is my new blog," and I left the comment, "What happened to your old blog." Interestingly, I'm not really sure it was really a death threat. I deleted it from the comments section, but it went exactly like this:

Dear Cherkb,

I am sorry I must say but you caused a DISASTER ! You ! Cherkb wrote a comment " What happened to your old blog ?" incom and you caused a disaster. Better say sorry or ... yyou'll die in 2 days ! Say sorry by contacting Yan Ching @ Address : Blk 280 Tinga Rd # 03-11111 S(89819191) Tel : sssssw355444444444
Tomorrow will be day 2, so if I die mysteriously, you can blame Yan Ching. From statcounter, it appears Yan Ching lives in Singapore. I'm not convinced this isn't a joke post. Hey, Yan, if you're serious about killing me, can you send me better contact info? I don't know how to dial sssssw355444444444.

You know, something that may be interesting is that thus far, the majority of "Blog of the Week" recipients have been people I never met.


Nava said...

What can I say?
Hope you have a better day at work tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the welcome!!!
I've had fun reading your shtuff.
and being granted, "blog of the week" is an honor.

The whole AdSense thing is confusing to me...I'll figure it out sooner or later...I'm new at this.

I do have to say I'm a little concerned about your safety from Mr. Ching...what in sam hill kind of crazy mother would say that?!!!
just be careful.


Actually I talk to people in Plano quite often, as that is where the Pepsi helpless desk is located. Have a good day at work.

Anonymous said...

It's turning out to be a day.