Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Oh, really?

NavyA-B, has apparently been working through the archives today. She posts the following comment on this classic:
"Hey, you used to be much funnier and less PC in June... [...]"
Well, the reason for that is quite simple. You see, back in June most of my readers were men. Today, however, most of my readers are women. In response to that demographic shift, I've had to seriously dumb-down my posts so as to not go over their heads or offend their delicate sensibilities.

So why don't ya'll go play a game of hide and go fcuk yourselves.

Sheesh. Everyone's a critique.


Nava said...

Bad day at work, Ha?

OK, I see that you are still non-PC.
That is very comforting.
Now all you need to do is work on your funniness. When in doubt, refer to HannieC.

We, your doe-eyed feminine readers, shall try our best to stand on tip-toes and activate our minute brain cells to understand your profound masculine wisdom and wit.

Anonymous said...

Don't you mean fcuk(tm)?

Wouldn't want to offend your new reader base's sensibilities.

Or did you mean Frack, as in I hate ant's so fracking much...?

Anonymous said...

Oh my someone has their grouchy pants on.

Not to change the subject, but confrontation scares me.
Just wondering if your
Butterfly bush survived?

CherkyB said...

Dunno. We moved and sold the house before the was a definitive life/death decision. Maybe C&D still read and they can comment.