Saturday, November 18, 2006

My Artistic Creation

After a while of reading all this artsy stuff on Thoughts, one gets to wondering if really blogging is enough of an artistic outlet. Apparently, it's overwhelming for some, but for me, I feel I can contribute So Much More. Plus, I spent the whole day at the Denver Museum of Natural History with The Mrs. and The Childrens, so I'm pretty much climbing the walls already. And it's only the first day of nine consecutive days in a row I have with The Fambly.

Vacation time can be a curse as well as a blessing.

So I decided to create something that would bring joy to the world. Something beside my incredibly humorous blog, that is.

Without further adieu, here it is. The first Original CherkyB Cocktail:

Minty Fresh

1.25 oz Vodka
0.5 oz Triple Sec
0.5 oz Creme de Menthe
0.5 oz Creme de Cacao
splash of Grenadine
Juice of 1/2 lime

Stir. Serve over ice.

Drinker's impressions:

Has a look kinda halfway between iced tea and flat coke. The Creme de Menthe (green) and Grenadine (red) combine to make what would otherwise look like to total chick drink end up looking kinda nasty and uninviting. Ah, but with the first sip, all trepidations melt away. The primary flavor is the mintiness of the Creme de Menthe, but the finish is vaguely reminiscent of Tootsie Rolls. Damned if I can figure out why, but there it is. Might call for a cherry or a slice of orange. Will have to work on that aspect of it.

Does anyone know how to submit a drink recipe to Webtender?


Anonymous said...

sounds scrumptious.
if prepared in the a.m. how about a shot or three of esspresso?

Anonymous said...

Sounds nasty to me, but then again, everything w/ Creme De Menthe sounds nasty to me.

But, I haven't tried it, so I shouldn't put it down to much.

CherkyB said...

You should try it. I finished up me second, with a little less grenadine and thus green in color, and it was damned good.

Anonymous said...

Sounds good until the lime juice. I'll have to try it. I think you misspelled 'menthe.' Johnny B got it right, though. Hmmmm.

Nava said...
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Nava said...

Such a girly drink from the one who ranted "how many different ways are there to ruin a martini with fruit juice, I wonder?".

Try submitting to the Webtender chat forum.

Nava said...

And, on an 'artsy stuff' note:
Seems like the "nasty uninviting look" you ended up with, took you by surprise.
Which surprises me.
After all, what else do you expect when you mix complementary colors like RED (Grenadine) and GREEN (Crème de Menthe)?

A definite "No Duh".

CherkyB said...

It's interesting that you think that anyone over the age of 2 could be such a rube as to not know that mixing red and green makes a nasty color.

You forget, of course, that I am a genius. Everything I do is done with purpose. My goal was to produce a drink out of the horrible little mixers I keep around to make chick drinks (in the bizarre at this point anticipation that some chicks may come over and order drinks some day. Drinks other than a cosmopolitan.), but to make it unappealing enough to womens to make it not a chick drink.

I succeeded marvelously, as I always do when I make art.

So, No Duh &trade right back atcha.

Nava said...

Constant success blocks growth through learning process...

Southern Comfort with a splash of Sprite. That's the ultimate.

Anonymous said...

sounds like you're 1 tlb spoon of angostura and 3 drops of binaca away from perfection.

CherkyB said...

So, you're happy that The JohnnyB achieves continuous growth through the learning process, even though it comes with an utter lack of success?

CherkyB said...

And I don't need binaca.

Not until the next morning, at least.

Nava said...

I choose to flutter my eyelashes in gratitude for The JohnnyB's learning process.
First, in awe of the altruistic intention behind it.
And second, in appreciation of the fact that my blog thrives upon that process.

(I only hope the insurance covers it all, including the therapy sessions).

And, there is always duct tape.

CherkyB said...

Don't bring your kinky sex talk onto my blog.