Sunday, February 22, 2009

Is it time for Blog of the Week?

Way way back, I used to name a Blog of the Week every now and then. But I stopped. The last time I named a Blog of the Week was, I believe August 8, 2007. And there, like with many of my previous Blogs of the Week, I bestowed the honor upon an upstart blog without sufficient track record. That blog ended up having a grand total of one additional post after being named Blog of the Week, and then (like so many of its predecessors) it simply ceased.

This is largely an unforgivable offense to Me, CherkyB - making a mockery of the Blog of the Week title. But I'll have to get over it given that the Badger fellow has decided to marry my wife's sister (which, I suppose upon reflection, is a lot better than finding out that the Hedgehog fellow is marrying your wife's sister).

But I've been keeping my eye on an upstart blog for a couple weeks now. It has just about everything you could hope for in a Blog of the Week: a recurring theme (Wednesday's Only in Texas - though it doesn't use the "labels" box at the bottom of the post window to label the episodes for easy sorting and retrieval from the "labels" widget on the layout page like I do with my recurring themes, like this one), a rather regular rate of updates, and most importantly, a number of posts that actually link to Me, CherkyB.

Yes, that's right. It's all about me. But you knew that. This upstart blog had, oddly, jumped to #2 on my referring sites list for the Month of February. It trails only behind the host used for my wife's family's and my family's personal websites. (You'll have to click on it to enlarge to read this pic.)

That's fahbulous. But there hasn't been a post referring to Me, CherkyB in a while, and there isn't a link to Me, CB on the blog frame, so I expect this is just an unsustainable blip.


paula said...

Wow I just dont know what to say.....Id like to thank the hubby the childrens, the animals and the general public at large for you the little people are what keeps me blogging, and you Mr.Cherkyb. have set the bar, the bar I jope to one day obtain. Im guessing with this honor, I have officially arrived in the blog world

Rhonda said...


good pick.