Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Shocked, I tell you

I don't know why I'm shocked, as there was every indication that this was the case despite all the careful management and shielding of the truth that went on. But I listened to some of that prime-time Obama press conference live on the radio, and when that guy is not using a teleprompter or answering questions he was supplied ahead of time, he sounds dumber than a stump. I mean, this guy makes W look like a good communicator when in an unscripted environment. It's bizarre, given how well he can deliver a speech. Off-the-cuff, he has nothing but incoherent, emotional blather and substanceless filibustering. Can't directly answer a question for the life of him.

I hope people look back wistfully on the failed Carter presidency, cuz here it comes right back atcha.

On a happier note, The Mrs. managed to find the receipt for our oven, so we can now get it repaired for free under warranty. The guy is coming tomorrow. On the phone, the service manager said it was likely the thermal overtemperature fuse, which is the same thing my googling turned up. I see that as a good thing when people agree on the likely cause of a particular failure.

Or maybe it's a bad thing, because it means it's a common enough problem that maybe this will just happen all the time.

I will be home to watch the repair guy. That way, I'll know exactly how to replace the fuse. Then, I'll go buy another one to keep as a spare. That will guarantee that I'll never have the problem again. Normally, I'd leave The Mrs. home to deal with repair guys, cuz she likes to wear something low-cut to try to get a discount. Or at least a bunch of free refrigerator magnets.

We shall see if it is the fuse or not. I know none of you care, but I didn't run up the hill or use the erg at all today.

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paula said...

make sure you wear something low cut cherkyb