Sunday, February 08, 2009

Oh Fabulous

Just when I get the dishwasher and sink faucet replaced, the oven I put in last year decided to die. Well, it decided to commit some form of suicide during a self-clean cycle. But, I think it's just a cry for help, because all the electronics work. It just doesn't heat up ever. I googled and learned that if self-clean makes your oven no longer heat, this is usually the "thermal overheat" fuse. Apparently, there are about four other people in the world who have the same oven I have who had this happen and asked about it on appliance repair blogs.

It's an easy fix, but step one is to remove the oven from the wall. I just don't feel like doing it, cuz I know once I get it out and the fuse is fine, then I'll be obsessed about what it could be for days on end. I'll just call our repair guy (who I thought we wouldn't be needed anymore given I've replaced almost all the appliances). Maybe I'll pull the oven out of the wall before he gets here, cuz he charges in 15 minute increments, and I'd really like to pay him just to fix the thing, not to uninstall and reinstall it cuz I can do that no problemo.

The Proscrub feature on the new dishwasher seems to work nicely, though we have not yet put in anything that was really super baked-on dirty.

I hear that my next major task is to remodel some of the basement to turn it into a live-in nanny quarters. The troubling part of that is that the bedroom and the bathroom are on opposite ends of the floor, and in between is my bar and air hockey room.

I'll miss my bar.

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manly lesbian said...

Don't start that project quite yet.....