Sunday, February 01, 2009

Soon, someone will cry

The Childrens are taking turns at a new game. One of them gets under a comforter on the couch, and the other one bashes him/her with the Batman ride-on bouncy ball MaxieC got for his birthday.

Interestingly, they only do this during commercial breaks. They're watching Chain Reaction on The Game Show Network, which is part of the homeschooling curriculum for learning vocabulary and spelling. I should probably put a stop to it, but they seem to be having a lot of fun. And, as a child, it is very very difficult to have fun without any risk of injury.

OK. I intervened. I suck.

[update: OK, because I intervened, they needed to find something else to do. And, apparently, MaxieC thought that meant sneaking up behind HannahC and punching her in the back. Now MaxieC has a fat and bloody lip, is crying, and is in naughty corner thinking about his decision.]


Rhonda said...

ohhhh I remember those days...
so much fun.

Anonymous said...

It's your fault.