Monday, February 09, 2009

Miss Clear

On Saturday, MaxieC got tired of "helping" me replace the dishwasher and kitchen faucet, so he asked me if there was a craft we could do where we make something out of junk instead. I told him that I had to finish up the work I was doing, but afterwards it might be possible. So he went around to all the recycling containers and picked out stuff for the project.

I put back all the glass stuff, but we were left with a few plastic bottles. I noted that it would be a lot easier to do the "craft" if I had any hot glue, but I had given all my remaining hot glue stick to a neighbor recently to finish one of her crafts. I figured that'd buy me a day.

It didn't. The Mrs. suggested I had a lot of duct tape. Sadly (or, I guess, predictably) this was true.

So there we sat in the garage Saturday night with a milk jug, an OJ jug, a Coffee-Mate jug, a water bottle, and a roll of duct tape. After sizing it all up, I decided we could make a person. We cut little X's into the milk jug with a razor knife (MaxieC's first experience cutting with a razor knife) and duct taped the other bottles into the holes.

I cut the top off the milk jug to allow the OJ jug to fit in better, and then used the top that I cut off as the nose. The water bottle top served as an eye, with the other eye being some piece of plastic I found on the workbench that I think used to be part of a climbing vine anchor. I used cyanoacrylate glue (i.e., what is often known as Super Glue, but without all the stabilizers that keep it from hardening in the bottle) to attach everything. I had mixed luck with the CA glue. The nose and one eye popped of later. We also glued some leather bootlace on for a smile and for a necktie (it was not determined until later that it would be a woman).

Then, I used some of my 3M Super 77 spray adhesive to glue an old rag onto the head for hair.

On Sunday, I went to Ace to get some more glue sticks. We were then able to re-attach the eye and nose, plus add a lot of pom poms and some ribbon. Behold "Miss Clear."


ellie said...

First the clarinet and now this! Adversity drives you deeper into your art!

fat moother said...

Bravo - maybe the City of Fort Tom Collins will buy it and put it on Main Street?????

paula said...

and the award for father of the year goes to.......(insert drumroll)