Friday, November 17, 2006

OK, here's something marginally interesting

A while back I blegged for the identification of Chinese food. Because I know that my readership is mainly a bunch of newbs, I linked to a wikipedia page that defines a bunch of blog lingo. Apparently, The Mrs. follows all the links, as a couple days later, this transpired:
The Mrs.: Who is this Steph "yoga mom" person?
Me, CherkyB: She's someone I used to work with on debug back in SC.
The Mrs.: She's a Mommyblogger.
Me, CherkyB: Yeah. That's why I don't link to her.
The Mrs.: But so is CJ.
Me, CherkyB: Hmmm. I guess he is since he had the second kid.
Alright CJ. You're on notice now. Spend too long as a mommyblogger, and I'll have to delete your link.

It seems most everyone else I link to, plus Me, CherkyB, are borebloggers.


Nava said...

I am shattered with agony:
I put all this time, creativity and intellect into my posts, and - The JohnnyB's blog is above mine???


CherkyB said...

I did that in retaliation for you whining to The JohnnyB that my blog was above yours.

Apparently, this is a recurring theme. You need some new material. Hasn't The JohnnyB done anything silly in the last couple days?

Nava said...

He is working on it.
But, the world does not always revolve around The JohnnyB.
(so much for recurring themes).
Sometimes, it's about models and sarongs...