Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Bad Dad

As noted in yesterday's post, MaxieC barfed a couple days ago. This happened during a time when he had rather suddenly developed a fever. That is to say, he barfed because he was sick, not because he was over-excited or because of a rapid change in altitude on the way to the Continental Divide.

Well, he felt lousy all Tuesday night, and because when he barfed, he had done it all over his bed, and it had soaked through to the mattress, he had to sleep on the couch Tuesday night. The Mrs. made him a cozy bed there with sheets and blankets, and then she slept on the floor next to him on an old couch cushion from a sofa that was too large to fit up the staircase in our very first apartment. We had thrown out the sofa (it was old when I got it in college), but kept the cushion, which The Mrs. affectionately refers to as "little bed".

She attended to him all night, getting him cold water to drink every time he awakened. This was reported to be at least as frequently as every hour during the night.

Tonight little MaxieC is feeling much better, and he is sleeping quite soundly. Except he has decided to move into our bed in the middle of the night. And his nose is gurgling when he breathes.

I poked at him, and he lifted his head up, turned over and went right back to sleep. But then the nose started up the gurgling moments later. Now, I am contemplating putting him back in his own bed, which will surely wake him up and cause a great deal of anger in The Mrs. towards me.

And I know how I should hear his rhythmic and relaxed, though, loud breathing as a comforting sound signaling that a previously-distressed child is recovering from a sudden illness, instead IT IS DRIVING ME INSANE!!! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!! AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!! AAAAAHHHHHH!!

I am The Bad Dad.


Anonymous said...

Funny - snort snort sniff sniff! Hope he feels better today.

blogauthor said...

Couldn't you go sleep wherever you would have put him?

Feel better MaxieC!

Anonymous said...

better bad dad than bad grandpa.

CherkyB said...

Or Bad Santa.