Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Observations from Afar

First, let me open with an apology to Granny MooMoo for my last post. It was intended to be a humor piece illustrating how HannahC was blaming her for being required to behave, but I have heard it was instead received as more of a criticism of the Moo herself. Perhaps titling the piece "The Devil Named Moo" had something to do with that, but damn that's a funny title.

As for being "not wanted," I'm not really all that annoyed by constant nit-picking criticism. If I were, I wouldn't have married The Mrs.

(Watch this space for the upcoming apology for that remark...)

Second, I would like to say I am really quite tickled at how, as Obama started naming his cabinet, first people starting saying that this "Hopey Change" looks an awful like a third Clinton term, as he just kept naming Clinton cronies to his cabinet, capped with the pièce de résistance of naming Hillary herself as Secretary of State (an appointment that, without some quick action by Congress is unconstitutional due to an esoteric clause in the constitution called Emoluments, and is likely still unconstitutional even with quick action by Congress - though probably in a way that no one will care to enforce). And I am amused at how the one and only thing that Ms. Hillary and the Obamessiah disagreed upon even a teeny little bit was foreign policy, and NOW HE PUT HER IN CHARGE OF IT! HAA HAA HAA HAA!!!!

Change we need! Change we can believe in! Hillary!

And now, it gets even better. He's keeping Bush's Secretary of Defense on, and he's naming cronies of the Bush financial team to head up the financial side of the cabinet. And, oh god I can barely type this because I'm laughing so hard, now people are saying it looks like a third term of Bush!

So, dearest Hopey Change cult followers, I offer you this word of condolence:



Anonymous said...

Apology accepted. Just imagine the naggine you would have received from the Mrs. if I didn't show up because of the blog........

the word verification is STING !!!
funny as all hell

Anonymous said...

Poor Granny! On her birthday, no less!

Rhonda said...

I like how your apologies aren't really apologies.

I'm with you and the whole Obama (Change we can believe in)?

CherkyB said...

How is that not an apology?

blogauthor said...

John McCain wasn't even technically eligible to run for president due to his birthplace and a little thing called citizenship.

Why is appointing a democrat not change? Last time I checked, she had different foreign policy ideas than George W.(ellIBarelyGotADegree) Bush. I wanted change back policies of Clinton. How can you hate a guy who left the economy in great shape and got blowjobs in the Oval Office from interns?

blogauthor said...

p.s. Obama and Hillary didn't differ on foreign policy substantially, she just posited that she had more experience. They only differed in any real way on health care reform. And I liked Hillary's ideas better on those.