Friday, November 14, 2008


As a general rule, I don't like to blog about Fat Camp, but last night one thing in particular was just too hysterical to let slide without comment. There were 7 of us sitting there drinking our very reasonably-priced $2.50 draft beers, plus Carl, Jr. sipping on a less reasonably-priced vodka tonic made with bottom-shelf Popov, and the nice lady who used to be our regular waitress a couple years ago but has since moved up to being a bartender happened by. She was not working but was instead just passing through as a customer with some friends. She stopped at our table to say, "Hi." Then, a little while later, our waitress came over with three free drinks, one for Rico, one for Ice Man, and one for Me, CherkyB, saying that our old waitress/bartender had sent them over.

Now, before The Mrs. gets all upset, the point here isn't that some woman bought us free drinks, cuz she's one of the bartenders and she comp'd them to us without having to pay for them herself. No, the point is that she got only free drinks for 3 of us despite there being 8.

And that, my friends, was a total burn.

Sure, there was a lot of discussion about how some of the guys are relatively new, and so they were never her regular customers. But El Torito and Carl, Jr. have been there from the very start.



paula said...

yeppers that would be a burn

ellie said...

You know the urban dictionary was a category on teen jeopardy last week?