Saturday, November 01, 2008

A brief refresher

It has come to my attention that many of you are quite a bit, shall we say, stupider than even I had given you credit for. So, without naming names, I'm going to do a quick refresher on the concept of "They're not all Winners" for The Mrs.'s hillbilly relatives.

You see, the point is that they're not supposed to be funny. That's the point. Really.

But what can I expect from such a backwoods crew? If I were to say it were raining, they'd have to post under seven different names about how, in addition to it raining, there is water falling from the sky. And then copy and paste a bunch of wikipedi entries on the definition of a flood.

I swear, there's some cousins married not to far up that fambly tree.


Anonymous said...

Well actually.................

Anonymous said...

Your self-acknowledged lame-ass jokes that are published, somehow thinking that they are worthy of a blog post, warrants the response given.

Of course it's my mistake, and how could I dare believe that you're to blame for diminished quality.

Maybe you should start drinking again.

CherkyB said...

Aren't you late for jug band practice or something?