Saturday, February 24, 2007


Thy name is "church musical".

I just got back from a 3 hour church youth group musical production of Narnia. As far as church youth group musical productions go, it was quite good. But it was three hours. And a musical. And it was at a church, which meant there was no pre-ordering drinks for intermission.

The Mrs. made me take HannahC. She was going to take her, but HannahC decided I was her favorite today. I tried rolling up a magazine and swatting her with it, but it didn't work. I still remained her favorite. I can't for the life of me figure out why.

Now, to "unwind", I'll either be watching Ran or Apocalypse Now Redux.


Kathy Lee said...

It's good to see you made it to church and that you aren't the godless one I thought you were!

manly lesbian said...

You could always go out and buy an artificial snow making machine so you can play with BELOVED anytime you want to reduce your stress level.

Rhonda said...

misery. interesting title.

did i do the adsense right or no?

CherkyB said...

Technically, I was in a church, but i don't think it counts as going to church. It wasn't my church. It wasn't a service. And at the end, when the "Sr. Pastor" gave a little speech, he said, "God is great," and I didn't know we were all supposed to respond, "All the time." Which was a little too freaky for me, truth be told.

I think I like the concept of religion a lot more than the execution of it.

Rhonda said...

well you're a better person than me then because I practically despise religion.

Nava said...

Rhonda, now THAT is a surprise to me!!!

I recall an argument we had on your blog, in which I kinda said something against religion (more like, that not all religious people are necessarily good people), and you kicked my butt.

Hence my surprise.

CherkyB said...

Blog Catfight!

Rhonda said...

"I practically despise religion",
to me this has nothing to do with God.
I'm not saying I don't get religious or am religious free but I sure hate what it does to people. I'll have to blog about it someday...?

I beg to differ with me kicking your butt!

Moother in Law said...

Hisssss......... It seems that the women are fighting over Brian Blog Rights!!!!

Nava said...

No fighting - merely exchanging intelligent remarks.
(yeah, Yeah, two women, exchanging intelligent remarks - almost an oxymoron, especially when it's generously hosted by CherkyB...).

OK Rhonda - you didn't quite kick my butt, but there was some dispute.

Ah, how young we were then :-)

CherkyB said...

Just can't let it go, can we?

Rhonda said...

yeah I remember you telling Plainbellied that we had our own little blog brawl......seems like years ago.

Nava said...

Ah, nostalgia...
Let's reminisce at the expense of CherkyB:

I remember that day.
I was wearing my purple top, with that real pretty necklace... no, actually, the other one, as the pretty one broke the day before, just as I was going to exchange the other top (the green) that I got. Like, what was I thinking? That green so didn't go with the color of the belt my sister gave me. And then, I saw this gorgeous skirt, and figured it would have been perfect with that green top that I just returned.
So, I had to go and get it back, but - - -

- - - nope, we just can't let it go.