Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Stop Judging Me!

First, it was the paper towel dispensers at my old site in Santa Clarabelle that got replaced with those "automatic sensor" electronic dispensers. Try as I might, I could not ever get a paper towel after that. But, I could wipe my hand on my pants as a workaround.

Now, my new site in Fort TomCollins has replaced all the soap dispensers with automatic sensor electronic dispensers. I can't get soap anymore, and wiping my hands on my pants doesn't help. I have to try all three of them multiple times until one eventually judges me to have sufficient humanity to be allowed a squirt of soap.

I'm tired of my humanity being judged every time I want to wash my hands.

On the plus side, the automatic flush urinals never fail to sense my humanity. You know what they say - Cold hands, warm...


ellie said...

in our bathroom at work there are three automatic water faucets and one regular faucet. everyone flocks to the regular one because the three other ones issue only cold water.

Nava said...

After struggling with all kinds of automated 'tings at various airports on our way to Grenada and back, I fully relate.
Especially the eternal riddle of what to push where in order to flush.

Technology sucks!

And now I was forced to switch into Beta!!