Sunday, February 11, 2007

Are We Disappointed Yet?

I think the first day of The Week of Disappointment went pretty well, actually. The Mrs. got to sleep in, then I made a big-giant breakfast, then I watched The Childrens while The Mrs. knitted, then I took The Childrens outside to play in the driveway.

The Mrs., meanwhile, got out her brand new fondue pot that she had been dying to try and made a fondue. It was passable, though I spent most of the meal chasing around The Childrens instead of eating.

We made The Mrs. a birthday cake. It was some recipe that called for cake mix, pudding mix, and sour cream. It was good. The Childrens helped mix the batter.

Here is The Mrs. trying to look happy despite all the disappointment.

And, of course, the birthday girl gets the first piece of cake.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE IT!!!!!

Anonymous said...

are those the jeans you had in high school?

Anonymous said...

I like the candles.

CherkyB said...

They are not the jeans I had in high school, which do not fit anymore.

The Mrs. likes to dress me in rags when I am servituding her. It makes it feel more authentic.