Friday, February 16, 2007

Oh my!

Cavitation has of late begun to fancy himself a moovie critic. Now, there's nothing exactly wrong with that, other than it means you've pretty much given up on your own creativity, and I've been letting it slide given the "new Me, CherkyB," who is a Nice Guy™. Today, he graced us with his top ten moovies of all time. Now, I was all set to IM him about how he has odd taste in moovies for a married man, but it looks to me like AdSense has beaten me to the punch.

You can't argue with context-sensitive advertising:


Nava said...


Nava said...

When did all this "new Me, CherkyB," who is a Nice Guy started??

CherkyB said...

Sometime in January. I don't think it'll last.