Friday, February 23, 2007

My life is a circus

Or, at least, it was from 5:30 until 6:45 tonight. We all went to the Russian American Kids Circus, which is a circus where all the performers are supposed to be between the ages of 6 and 16, except there was one little dude who couldn't have been older than 4, and there was an old dude who was probably the trainer.

I managed to get in about 5 quick naps, but every time I really got into the sleeping groove, either HannahC poked me or there was noisy applause.

The nerve.

It wasn't really what you might think of when you think of circus. It was on a stage at the local theater, and it was mainly juggling, unicycle riding, and that kind of acrobatic stuff. The children did well, and I believed it reinforced HannahC's dream to become a circus performer.

Bozzetto and I were discussing the terrifying ordeal that Cavitation is going through now, taking care of his small childrens for four straight days while his wife takes a vacation without him, and we ended up having a discussion about how impractical it would be to kill your co-workers. Bozzetto kept claiming he had absolutely no ill-feelings towards any of his co-workers and, despite my Linda Tripp-like prompting, was unable to name any current co-workers that he felt needed a good killing.

Note to The Hamburgler: You're off the hook.

He did, however, note that roughly 6 years ago (right around the time of his wedding), when he, The JohnnyB, Seiborg, and I were all working in the same room (the only time in history we have ended up working on the same project, much less working in the same room (and The JohnnyB was our boss at the time, something for which I have to this day never forgiven him) (and MoodyT was also on that project, though he worked days and we worked nights, IIRC) (hell, even Tinfoil and MoustachioP and Rico and El Torito were on it, though mostly in a different state)), there was one particular person he thought might possibly could have used a good killing. I think there was a fairly broad consensus at the time that this dear fellow could have used a bit of killing, so The JohnnyB assigned me to babysit him so he wouldn't damage the rest of the team, which is really the source of my lack of forgiveness for The JohnnyB. Eventually the fellow was given a "different assignment", and then I just had to babysit someone who was merely incompetent.

I'm not sure what it is about my personality that would make The JohnnyB think I was a good babysitter. Maybe he just wanted me to antagonize these guys until they quit (one did, one didn't). Maybe he'll leave a comment to explain it.


JohnnyB said...

Consciously, I put you in charge of the two of them, as I figured you were technically sharp enough to still do your job while having to spend 1/3rd of you time dealing with the 2 engineers in questions.

Unconsciously, I probably figured you were also the cure that was needed for 1 of them, and the medicine would either work, and convert the said employee into a real engineer, or drive him out of the company. The other one I thought was salvageable.

BTW – there’s been some rumors here of Flow Jackson getting back together.

Nava said...

These are sides of The JohnnyB i have never seen.
And maybe I'm better off without seeing?