Friday, February 23, 2007

No One Appreciates My Art

You know, I work hard at my impression of a generic blogger, but it doesn't seem like my audience appreciates it. Take last night's post as an example. I put an amazing amount of effort into constructing two perfect paragraphs. Let me reprint the first one for you:
Tonight was supposed to be fat camp but one of the non-fat camper dumbasses scheduled a poker night on top of it even though poker night is always supposed to be Wednesdays not Thursdays, so I took a survey of who the turncoats were, and MoodyT and Rico and Seiborg decided to go to poker cuz they're a bunch of lousy bastards, and Cavitation (who sucks) decided he was going to stay home with the chillens to let Big Red go to the airport and pick up one of her friends for her trip out of town tomorrow, and Bozzetto said he had clearance to go which is strange cuz he's only allowed out once a month and tonight was his anniversary, and El Torito can't go out since he's on a no-alcohol diet Dr's orders, but The Hamburgler was up for it, except he wanted to maybe hunt for cougars instead cuz he's kind of given up on the prospects of any decent woman ever talking to him and it's been a Long Long Time, though not for her, if you get my drift.
Besides the witty, but not too witty, prose, what is special about that paragraph? Anyone? Anyone? [By the way, this poll lets you vote for as many of the choices as you think are appropriate. I did that since, technically, they are all correct answers.]

What is so damned special about that paragraph?
It's more entertaining than a month of posts at CJ's Blah.
It's the first time we've come across a character named, "Bozzetto."
It makes my stupid head hurt. More than usual, I mean.
When I read it, it was as if CherkyB had a model of my brain that had been typing it for him.
It was one sentence. That's right. One mother-fucking long sentence.
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Nava said...

Welcome to the club of those whose art is unappreciated, but is rather used for debating the pros and cons of Speedos.

Walla, indeed it was one MF sentence. Just like the Israeli anthem. (well, the part that is always sung).

I am at awe!

CherkyB said...

Yes, well no one bothered to go back and note that the paragraph after this was also an artistic one-sentence creation. So I'm still going to pout. Mainly, that means I'll be putting up crappy, inartistic posts (except at my super-secret blog, where I'll still have the quality content the exactly zero readers of it expect).