Tuesday, February 27, 2007

An obligatory post

Today, I'm sitting there in a meeting at work, only it wasn't at work, it was at a church, cuz our rented building at work doesn't have enough meeting rooms to hold what was going on this week, and I started to think about something work-related. I know, that comes as quite a shock to you, the regular readers of Me, CherkyB. "What?" you say to yourselves, moving your lips as you think, "CherkyB is thinking about something at work? Hmmm... I wonder if there's any more ice cream."

Well, I must add that it also came as a shock to my co-workers, as BimminyCwicket, who was presenting at the time, stopped everything he was doing, looked over at Me, CherkyB, and said, "Uh Oh. CherkyB looks bored."

Then Tinfoil chimes in, "Oh boy. You're going to make the blog tonight!"

So now, I suppose, I am obliged to write something about the incident. Especially since Tinfoil is so much more successful than I am that I am actually required to suck up to him all the time (along with MoodyT, StinkyJ, and JohnnyB). It's not optional. My job description includes, "and you have to suck up to all these more successful people in order to some day have a prayer of being successful yourself."

I am, unfortunately, an absolute disaster at the whole sucking-up thing. Mostly, I just succeed at toning down my abject disdain and confrontational attitude. A little bit. Sometimes. If I try really, really hard, and they're acting uncharacteristically non-moronic. Thus, I am forced to supplement my income though advertising revenue on the old blog.

So anyways, there you go Tinfoil. I'm banking this.

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Nava said...

The JohnnyB is also famous for his confrontational attitude, right?
(and now that he's quite smoking, I am sure he is far more confrontational than ever).
Doesn't this minor detail save some of the sucking up?