Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Oh great

Just when I need the money the most, cuz both Cavitation and MoustachioP insisted that European stock were the best investment around, and they completely tanked yesterday and today, AdSense decides to run public service announcements.

Do we really honestly need more hurricane relief? When was the last major hurricane? Don't people, like, take hurricanes on as a risk when they decide to live on the Gulf Coast? They decided the trade-off was worth it, and now they want my blog to bail them out? When I lived in San Schmose, I never expected anyone's blog to bail me out if there was an earthquake.

This sucks.

I'm going to have to start writing more about tractor-mounted snowblowers and doing my taxes with Tax Cut or Turbo Tax. Those posts always had good ads. Heck, I could do movie reviews and get ads for gay chatrooms like Cavitation does. At least it's not charity. I'm not killing myself for five masterpieces a week for charity.



Turbo Tax is the way to go - I got my refund back just in time to pay my house tax and get the oven fixed.

Rob said...

both your ads tonight are for eating disorders....I guess you should lay off the candy hearts.

Rob said...

oh yeah - and I still clicked both even though you are filching my candy

Nava said...

Worry not, Oh master of the art of endless sentences.
You still have a lot of bulimia and eating-disorders Ads.

Rhonda said...

you can be happy...
you have new ads,
love blog?
farm blog?
my god, how do they figure these things?