Thursday, February 22, 2007

Trouble in Paradise

Or at least what passes for paradise around here.

Yesterday, I decided to investigate applying one of the "new" templates from "new Blogger" to Me, CherkyB. That way, you'd get a hierarchical archive list as well as the ability to view blogs by their "labels", like you see over at The JohnnyB. Mainly, I am unhappy with the continuously-growing length of the archive, but it would be nice to be able to use the labels (like "poop blogging" and "barf blogging") to sort through posts. Right now, with my original blogger template, I can apply labels but not actually do anything with them.

First, I had checked with Cavitation to see if he had ever gotten the adsense tracking code working, and I learned he had not. I tried to help him fix that on his blog, but failed. The new-style template was very different.

So, rather than trusting blogger to have made the migration path seamless and simply clicking the "apply new template" button, I created a whole new blog and tried to recreate the customization I had done to this site to see if it would work and to see if I could get the adsense tracking code working.

Man, did that ever take forever. Just getting the adsense tracking code working took close to two hours of goofing around. I still don't know why it didn't work right, as the syntax was not technically illegal as far as I can tell, but it kept failing the syntax checker. New templates use something called "xhtml" instead of regular "html", and they have different rules.

Then, I tried to get stuff placed where it was on my old blog. The Accuweather thing took me another hour to figure out as it required me to create a new widget template that did not indent everything by 13 pixels. (Interestingly, I didn't save that template for whatever reason and tried out a thinner accuweather picture instead, which looks like crap.)

Wow. This post really sucks. I'll get to the point: I had more fun doing this last night than I have had in the last three months of work.

Now, to liven it up, I'll go back into the mundane yet profanity-laced blog style that I've been working on since here.

Tonight was supposed to be fat camp but one of the non-fat camper dumbasses scheduled a poker night on top of it even though poker night is always supposed to be Wednesdays not Thursdays, so I took a survey of who the turncoats were, and MoodyT and Rico and Seiborg decided to go to poker cuz they're a bunch of lousy bastards, and Cavitation (who sucks) decided he was going to stay home with the chillens to let Big Red go to the airport and pick up one of her friends for her trip out of town tomorrow, and Bozzetto said he had clearance to go which is strange cuz he's only allowed out once a month and tonight was his anniversary, and El Torito can't go out since he's on a no-alcohol diet Dr's orders, but The Hamburgler was up for it, except he wanted to maybe hunt for cougars instead cuz he's kind of given up on the prospects of any decent woman ever talking to him and it's been a Long Long Time, though not for her, if you get my drift.

So, I said to myself, "Self, do you really want Mrs. Bozzetto blaming you for taking her husband out drinking on their anniversary even though she said it was OK (which we all know is a trap), and then the two of you sit there and watch The Hamburgler get rip-roaring stinking drunk on one beer cuz of what a lightweight he is and have to listen to him go on about how he could have any woman in the place as long as she was either fat or older than 50, but that's OK cuz that's what he likes, but he's not going to cuz he doesn't want to make the married guys uncomfortable because of all the action he's getting that we're not?"

The answer was no.

So I canceled.

I'm pretty sure I need a new set of friends.

But then again, I'm not all that likable, so I have to take what I can get.


Nava said...

Quite an interesting set of friends you have.
The Hamburger sounds very, well, Hmm... intriguing. Like, God's gift to women (fat and over 50 women, so I understand).

And, it's Bozzetto.
Poor CJ.



CherkyB said...

And, it's Hamburgler.