Sunday, November 30, 2008

Choo Choo

Today, we decided to put up the HO train around the base of the Christmas tree. Last year, I had laid it out on some leftover rigid foam insulation that was blue because it kept derailing when running on the carpet. The Mrs. didn't like looking at blue foam, even though we covered it almost completely with presents. So, this year we did it a little differently.

We made a trip to HobbyTown USA and a trip to Lowe's. Then, I got to use my circular saw, my jig saw, my belt sander, my router, my electric drill, all three saw horses, the circular saw rip guide, the staple gun, a hammer, and really cool 3M 77 spray adhesive.

Tomorrow, we may get the train out of the box.


Rhonda said...

You're an ideas man.
Very good of you to not make the Mrs. look at that.
You get an X under "good husband".

blogauthor said...

Awesome .... we are going to put our train up under the tree this year too.