Sunday, March 09, 2008

Oy Vay

Friday, I got home from work all worn out from a week of absolutely nothing going right, and I went to the bathroom right before dinner. As I closed the door, I realized the doorknob had been coated in a thick slime. From the distinctive odor, I determined it was the hand lotion that The Mrs. has next to the sink.

So first, I figure MaxieC put the hand lotion on too thickly, and slimed the doorknob. MaxieC has to put lotion on his hands every time he washes them in the winter, or his skin cracks. He has a fairly non-severe form of excema. Upon further inspection, however, I note that the doorknob is thoroughly covered. We have lever-style doorknobs, and MaxieC has a pretty small hand, being only 4. No, this was clearly an intentional slime job.

So I yell out, "Who covered the doorknob in lotion?"

And MaxieC replies, "Oh. That was me, Dah. Yeah. I was painting. Sorry."

Grumble grumble grumble. I return to the bidness at hand, except when I open the toilet lid, I note the entire seat and bowl are also covered with hand lotion. I start cleaning that up and hollering, and just when I'm done cleaning it up, The Mrs. shows up with HannahC and instructs her to clean it up.

Apparently, HannahC was also painting.

I guess two rooms of the house dedicated to art projects, including a large variety of finger paints, watercolors, and tempera isn't enough.



Unknown said...

I can't help but say it...
you will miss the lotion painted pot! It may even be an appropriate thing to mention someday in her wedding toast.

Anonymous said...