Sunday, March 02, 2008

The Quick, The Dead, and The Mrs.

As if this post wasn't enough to convince you, The Mrs. once again floored me with her rapier wit.

Yesterday, there was a big pile of mail on the kitchen counter from the night before. I was making French toast for breakfast, because there are a few breakfasts that for some reason The Mrs. never makes but that I like, so when it's my turn to make breakfast, I make them. Now, for those of you who've made French toast, you know there's a flurry of activity at the beginning when you mix up the eggs and stuff, but then after that it's mostly sitting around waiting for it to be time to flip.

So I got to looking at the mail. It was quite a jackpot. Not only did we get the Cabela's Spring-Summer catalog, but we also got the Venus swimwear catalog. I glanced at the catalogs for a moment, but then I had to go flip the French toast.

The Mrs. came wandering in. She started leafing through the mail pile, and she stopped on the Venus catalog. The the following gem ensued:
Me, CherkyB: "I picked you out something from that catalog."

The Mrs.: "Really? What?"

Me, CherkyB: [Flipping the catalog to the back cover and pointing at the model's very perfectly large and obviously fake breasts] "I thought you'd look really good in a with a pair of these."

The Mrs.: "I like flip-flops."


Unknown said...

She's good.

Anonymous said...

cute! rapier is quite a strange word.

Unknown said...

I had to return to check out your ad sense.
Very good stuff you have here;
Lawn Tractor Attachments and Breakfast Recipes.

Anonymous said...

You sexist pig. Years of progress all undone with one, simple, glib comment from one, simple, glib, pathetic...

ummmm.. if Obama wins.. wouldn't it be just be one more case of a black person living in government housing?

CherkyB said...


CherkyB said...

Hey, that rhymes with Your Momma!