Friday, March 28, 2008

The Regulars

One of the perks about being regulars to any establishment is that you get better service.

Last night, we had a pretty good crowd at Fat Camp (8). When we got to Lucky Joe's, there wasn't room for eight people anywhere. We talked to our regular waitress, and she got us some beers while we waited. Then, a little 4-person table cleared out. We sat, or at least half of us did.

Next to that, there was a crowd of about 15 people all there for a girl's 21st birthday. The waitress had told us about them, and how sad it was that there were only about two people drinking and everyone else was just standing around. But they had grabbed all the tables in that section except the one we were at.

A couple of the guys stood up and wandered over near the door for some reason, and our waitress pounced on their table. She dragged it over and set it up next to ours, then brought there chairs over for us to sit down. The guys noticed and protested, but she waved them off. Not sure what she said, cuz we couldn't hear over the band, but I imagine it was something like, "Those guys over there are my very favoritest customers, especially the strikingly handsome one they call CherkyB, sigh, too bad he's married, and you can all just go f- yourselves if you think I'm going to make them stand."

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Dream on!