Sunday, March 09, 2008

Surmountability Issues

Yesterday wasn't a very nice day. We managed to get almost nothing done, though I re-caulked the joint at the bottom of one of the shower stalls as the caulk had cracked.

Today, however, was beautiful. We did more yard cleanup. I sharpened the blades of the devil chipper/shredder, and it worked much better. I grilled hot dogs for lunch, and grilled a pork sirloin roast with a fancy glaze for dinner. We got the recipe from a new grill cookbook I got yesterday at Safeway. It was delicious, though next time I'll rotisserie it. The directions said, "rotate roast every five minutes," and it took two hours to cook.

The Mrs. managed to get all the planting beds trimmed of their dead stalks, and I managed to turn all of that into mulch, along with the rest of the corn stalks and sunflower stalks and much of the remaining garden waste. But we got to chatting about all the stuff that needs to get done in the yard this year, and I'm thinking it'll be at least two more years before I get it all done. For all the houses I have owned, it has taken over three years to get the yard "done".

The list:
  • Fill old pond with dirt to form the basis for the rock garden
  • Take out the old waterfall from the old pond
  • Run watering lines to the rock garden
  • Plant the rock garden
  • Run low voltage lines to the rock garden
  • Fix the low voltage lines running around the other pond
  • Install new low voltage light fixtures around the old pond and rock garden
  • Plant vines for the pergola
  • Move sprinkler head out from under the pine trees
  • Take grass out from between the pine trees
  • Put concrete keystone paver edging around the pine trees where grass was removed
  • Fill area under pine trees with mulch
  • Get a load or two of compost for the garden
  • Rototill the garden
  • Plant the garden
  • Fix the flagstone at the serenity spot that heaved in the winter ice
  • Pour concrete pad for the smoker
  • Put down dirt in the low spots of yard
  • Plant grass on new dirt and on old bare spots along western fence
  • Build a picnic table for the deck
  • Replace the top of the cabinet on the deck with Corian
  • Build two planting boxes for west side of deck
  • Build worm farm in garden
  • Clean and stain/seal the playset
  • Stain/seal the deck floor
  • Install underground pipe for downspout next to hot tub
  • Install underground conduit for east pump of pond
  • Put down Arizona flagstone for walking paths next to hot tub, in rock garden, and at garage side exit
That's all I can think of right now. At least in the back yard.


Anonymous said...

1. Redo entire trampoline.
2. Replace dead fish
3. Rescue children from koy pond.

blogauthor said...

I wish I had 1/2 of your energy.

CherkyB said...

So do I.

Anonymous said...

i should have remembered after visiting your google ads that koy is spelled koi

CherkyB said...

It's important to keep your expectations low.

CherkyB said...

Oh, I forgot I needed to get the pond fountain working, too.

Anonymous said...

Jeez - I don't even have the energy to mow the lawn - Sux getting old!