Sunday, December 17, 2006

Day 2 of 17 - Really about today

The Mrs. was concerned about how I would describe the start of my vacation on the old blog here. She suggested this,
"The vacation started out like all vacations do. Sick and hungover."
Har, har, har. I was not hungover. She only wanted me to be. I was, however, sick. Bit of a head cold is all. But I've had to take some decongestants, and it has affected my mood by making me more pleasant than normal.

When I got my lazy butt outta bed this morning, The Mrs. prompted MaxieC to show me what he had on. Which was weird, cuz I was looking right at him. But MaxieC complies and immediately drops trou to show me his underwear. I think it was Mater underwear. That's right, folks. It was potty-training Sunday. An odd coincidence that Cavitation is potty-training one of his the same time we're potty-training MaxieC. Or perhaps it simply most convenient to potty-train over the holidays and this is no coincidence.

Little MaxieC was roughly two for seven in the potty vs. pants battle today. His success rate, though, was a much higher one for two when it came to the all-important poop. I got to be the master of ceremonies for the success there, and when he was done, we had this conversation:
Me, CherkyB: "All right MaxieC! You pooped in the potty!"
MaxieC: "There's a log in the potty!"
Me, CherkyB: "That's poop."
MaxieC: "No. It's a poop log!
So there you have it.

Running the risk of turning into a Mommyblogger, I'll tell one more precious story about The Childrens. This one is about HannieC. As I mentioned earlier, we had seen Santa yesterday. Each of The Childrens asked for only one thing. Santa seemed genuinely surprised by that, and he even said, "Well, with such a short list, I'll have to think of some other little things to bring you so you have more packages to open up."

I was chatting with HannieC this afternoon about her Santa experience, and I noted that Santa seemed surprised she asked for just one thing. I guess that means most kids ask for a whole lot of stuff, I said.
HannieC: "Yeah. I have pretty much everything I need, yet you and Mommy keep buying me more."
Me, CherkyB: "Well, it's mostly just Mommy buying you more."
HannieC: "She's turning me into a little Veruca Salt."
HannieC, Super-genius.



That child sure is a genius- unbelievable!


Good Yob Maxie! You should play Mr. Hankey's Christmas poop for him.

Anonymous said...

my word!
she is a fine example of a superb republican!
I think she shall be President some day!!!!!

Steph said...

So what did MaxieC tell Santa he wanted for Christmas?

CherkyB said...

He told Santa he wanted a Zurg with a blaster.

Steph said...

Why am I not surprised?

LT asked for a drum. Our kids live in different worlds.