Sunday, December 24, 2006


I made mention once before about how we're mummifying a chicken that HannahC has named, "Lucy." We did another chemical change recently, and I had The Mrs. capture much of it on non-volatile memory. (Some of the photos are taken by Me, CherkyB. I don't remember which ones.)

Like Egyptian high priestesses before here, HannahC starts out with the a greeting ritual meant to awaken the soul of the departed. She's using a "Un brat di sei anni" here, which is one of her favorites, though it was not one favored by the high priestesses of either the Old or New Egyptian Kingdoms. Lucy is in the Ziploc.

Cleaning the old mixture off into the sink. Lucy begins to take shape.

HannahC performs a procedure similar to a modern D&C, only she does it with her fingers.

Lucy, looking a bit shriveled. Progress!

Hello, World.

Now to mix up the new dessication blend. Start with a half can of baking power.

Add a full can of salt.

And a half box of baking soda. The desiccant is complete. However, we need to spice it up a little to make Lucy smell good in the afterlife.

Now HannahC, remember that Mommy is very attached to her nutmeg, and there's eggnog in the fridge.

Cinnamon. Smart'n'Final sized.

Mix, mix, mix.

Little snack - mummification is hungry work.

I'm sure the house slaves will clean up after me if I make a giant f'ing mess.

A house slave transfers the body bag into the Ziploc for the addition of the mixture.

Oooo- smells like cinnamon. Stinkaaaayyyy!

Mummify, mummify, mummify.

The house slave is overcome with the emotion of the moment. Oh dear gods, why have you taken Lucy from us when she was so young? And next time, send better beer.


Rhonda said...

A very "interesting" project.

Rhonda said...

The pictures are grrrreat!

Nava said...

The Gods must be crazy!

After seeing this TLC mummification process - I think I'd rather be cremated...

Anonymous said...

I am speechless!


Are you gonna sell Lucy on E-Bay when the project is over? Or better yet, let Danielle sell it on e-bay!!!

blogauthor said...

LOL ......... (thanks nava for the link) ....