Thursday, December 28, 2006

It's Amazing

Ten votes, and you're all wrong. What are the odds of that? The correct answer is 71.

How many toys were in the poop water?

9 10%1
24 70%7
56 10%1
71 0%0
98 10%1
10 votes total


Rhonda said...

Seriously who would put 71 toys in the tub!?! Were they those little plastic Cowboys and Indians!?! Were they Mr. & Mrs. Potato head (has 10 kids) pieces!?!
next quizz; how long did it take cherkyb to wash those toys?

CherkyB said...

A few interesting factoids:

1) MaxieC did not have all available toys in the tub at the time of the incident. He had about 15-20 more in reserve still on the deck, plus he had the second basket of toys (maybe 50 more?) left behind in the tub in the other bathroom.

2) One of the rules I established when I first let The Childrens use the big soaking tub in the master bedroom was that they were not to bring bath toys, as I did not want to have baskets full of bath toys cluttering up the master bath. If they wanted to play with toys, they had to use their own tub. The Mrs. apparently decided to move in the toys about a week ago. I do not know why, though I do know that my rule-making authority apparently exists only in my own head.

3) Having rule-making authority that exists only in your own head is often referred to more succinctly as "being married".

4) A lot of these toys were sets. Like there were maybe 15 foam fishies that stick to the side of the tub when wet, and there was another set of foam people, and a couple sets of sea creatures. But a lot of them were individual toys. Nothing particularly large (the car wash was still out on the deck).

5) I think it took around 20 minutes. I dumped them all in the splash tub sink in the laundry room and filled it with Pinesol and hot water. Then I scrubbed each toy individually with a scrub brush. I dumped them in an empty 5-gallon bucket to dry.

6) I'll not be returning most of those toys to the tub.

Anonymous said...

Thats why the childrens should use their own tub - jeez - the adults should have something of their own!

Rhonda said...

wow never a dull moment at the house er the tub!
factoid # 6 is a good rule of thumb.