Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A new blog of the week

After a great run of approximately 3 weeks as Blog of the Week, one of the longest periods a single blog has held on to Blog of the Week title in Me, CherkyB history, Rhonda's Blog is now passing the coveted crown to another upstart on the scene, Cavagnaro Blogger. That's right, folks, the hinted at blog by Cavitation now has enough posts to be able to be linked to. Originally conceived as a lazier replacement for the family website, it has morphed into a forum for his unique form of moaning, bitching, and complaining. Plus the occasional pink-shirt fun poking.

So everyone head right over there, and make sure you leave a tag saying CherkyB sent you, as Cavitation bribed me with a bottle of Dave's Insanity Salsa to become Blog of the Week, and I want him to know he's getting his money's-worth. Though with my crowd of readers, it'll take months of referrals for him to make $4.99 in AdSense clicks. However, I do have a lot of surreptitious readers from work (including possibly my boss's boss, JoeyB), so this plug will no doubt return a tremendous amount when it comes time to solicit the bizarrely-named "360 feedback" for the annual performance review. See, already it's paid off.

Now, let me level set you ahead of time. Cavitation is new to blogging, so his blog is a little rough, and his style is still developing. But I want you to all go back and look at your first posts before you cast the first stone. Hell, I deleted my first post after a couple days since it was so bad. So head over there and leave some encouraging words. And make sure you say you heard about it here, or I don't get my cut of the ad revenue.


Anonymous said...

what no barf clean-up story?

Nava said...

My first blog post was a masterpiece.

(Yeah yeah, and then it went downhill, I'know).

CherkyB said...

Your first blog post was a reprint of a previously-written story. Doesn't count.

Nava said...

Says who?


Can't wait to read the next blog - after all CherkyB is on vacation again.

Anonymous said...

yeah I keep checking for a new blog...where are you cherkyb?
I need my daily chuckle.