Monday, December 11, 2006

Ooo-ooo that smell

It seems like, after having stepped in it, I am recovering nicely. Perhaps this is because I have so much experience with stepping in the poo, as The Mrs. so kindly points out in the comments. Perhaps it is my cat-like ability to always land on my feet. I'm not sure what it is. But, clearly, I am better than you.

I do, however, need to replace my water heater. That wouldn't be such a big deal, excepting I have one of those Brilliant! idea things whereby the hot water heater and furnace are combined into one unit. A design so bad that the manufacturer offers incentives to rip it out and replace it rather than to fix it all the time (and risk a big lawsuit over what a piece of crap it is). I'm debating whether I should rip it out now, in the dead of winter, or try to make it until spring and have it die on my in mid-deep-freeze-February. What is wrong with it this time (three things in total) I could get the home warranty to fix for $55 maybe. Maybe I can do that an wait until spring.

A couple very strange things happened today. Very strange indeed. First, one of the managers at work today accused me of exuding leadership. His exact words: "You exude leadership."

I'm telling you, the altitude affects your mind around here.

Then, at dinner, The Mrs. said that my last couple posts included a bizarre number of inaccuracies. In particular, she disagreed with the transcription of her telephone discussion with her mother about MaxieC blowing the saxophone-whistle in my ear. She claimed some of the dialog she actually said to MaxieC, not to her mother. I complained that I did a pretty good transcription given the fact that I was asleep at the time, but I offered to post one of my infrequent corrections posts nonetheless, since I certify truthfulness of my stories.

Oddly, if you read that post and the first comment, it seems remarkably appropriate.

The Mrs., however, has not yet given me the details of how she wants the correction to read. You will all have to wait with bated breath, as do I.

I did, however, maintain my rapier wit when challenged by The Mrs. I said, "This is because I haven't been drunk when posting the last couple days. I've cut way back. I don't need the empty calories."


My diet is coming along nicely. I have lost no weight at all thus far, so I wouldn't call it a complete success. But I don't feel as fat. That makes it a limited success so far.

That is all.


Anonymous said...

I've lost 6 pounds since I first weighed myself.

Anonymous said...

On tht particular scale.

CherkyB said...

All poop-weight, no doubt.

Anonymous said...

The conversation on the phone was close to that but not exact. I can't remember word for word what was said and I really don't care what was said. All I know is that if my kid blew that whistle in my ear, he/she would have been whistlin outta his/her ass for quite a long time.

CherkyB said...

What if your kid blew a whistle in your ear while your spouse stood by watching and yakking on the phone to his mother and did not do one thing to prevent it from happening?

Nava said...

I see it's a family debate here.
Sorry for intruding. Just came in to look for tea.
I'm leaving.

Anonymous said...

Why - is there something on your shoe?


Thats all one of my spouses ever did - was talk to his fuckin' mommy. If the kids would have dared interrupt him for anything they probably would have gotten kicked or knocked across the room.