Friday, December 29, 2006


I'm not known for it.

The Mrs. has been going on and on about how I need a snowblower. This has not been helped any by the fact that last night I was not feeling well, and I'm not all that much better this morning, and so The Mrs. is out there shoveling the driveway. But we only got maybe 5" of snow last night, so even The Mrs. should be able to handle that. It'll be a good warm up for the arrival of her new elliptical trainer next week.

But anyways, I've been poking around online a lot to try to see if I can get me a decent snowblower. The first thing is to figure out what is decent. It seems that almost everything that is readily available is by MTD Products, a big conglomerate that is known for building cheap stuff that has reliability problems. They are responsible for such brands as YardMan, Yard Machines, Troy-Bilt, and McCulloch (they made the chipper I own that I hate so much). They also make the Craftsman snowblowers for Sears, so Craftsman is out.

The entire world appears to be sold out of Husqvarnas. I like my Husqvarna lawn tractor quite a bit, as you know from many previous posts. I believe I have located a stash of Ariens in Wisconsin at not too bad a price, however I am not convinced the website actually knows what is in stock and what isn't. I also find a couple Toros, but Toro has never been a particularly good model.

There's a local Ariens dealer not too far from here. I wonder if I should call them?


Anonymous said...

It was more like 8 inches (not that I would know, Har Har Har). It was deceptive at first. The piles from last week were already over my head, so it was a lot of work, but I enjoyed it. I had to shovel about 5 feet of street also as only the center was cleared. Good work out, except now my tendonitis shoulder hurts a bit.


I used to like to shovel the white shit until my back got all F*&&^$#*(R*(ed up beyond repair. Now it is extremely painful to shovel. I have a plowing service to do the driveway, and my neighbor does the sidewalks so all I do is the porch. You can't believe how depressing it is to not be able to lift heavy things. (hydrocodone helps on the weekends)

Anonymous said...

did you throw up yet? no one has thrown up yet.