Tuesday, December 19, 2006

That's Weird

When I converted to "New Blogger" from "Classic Blogger", every comment ever left on my blog from a "Beta Blogger" has had the commenter's name removed and replaced with "anonymous". Rhonda first pointed this out, but I can't find any trace of JohnnyB, either. This only affected bloggers using beta, as the comments from all the classic users are still have their names there, as do all the comment using the made-up names Fat Moother is so fond uf.

However, it looks like fresh comments from "new-formerly-beta blogger" accounts are working.

You get what you pay for with blog hosting services.


Rhonda said...

shewww...I thought you was hating me and erased me name!
I had to sign in the whole nine yards in order to post tho...


I keep getting a security notice