Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Anyone got a snowblower?

There isn't a decent snowblower to be had for miles around, and we have (supposedly) another two big snow storms moving through in the next 48 hours. I can get me a Poulan from, which they say I can have by Friday, but I don't see how they can deliver it in the middle of a blizzard.

You now, when I moved here, I checked as to whether I should get a snowblower. I was told it simply never snows enough to need one. This is what I get for listening to CJ. In the immortal words of Rico, "F-in' CJ."

We did, however, manage to satisfy The Mrs. by buying the world's most expensive non-commercial-grade elliptical trainer today. I managed to talk The Mrs. out of trying to get a junky one at Sports Authority yesterday, and came home and researched these things. Then, today we went to 5 different stores and managed to come away with something that wasn't on my list but that happened to be $500 more than anything at was.

After like 45 minutes each at two of the 5 stores (the other 3 being washouts), The Mrs. had it all narrowed down between a $2000 model and a $3500 model. Guess which one she bought. Yeah. That's right.

She better use that thing every single day, cuz for $3500 we could have gotten all kinds of things. Like a new set of boobs, for instance, which is the kind of thing that really can be used every day. Or a supercharger kit of the truck. Or almost 10 years of membership at Curves.

Or, as The Mrs. asserts, six months worth of wine. Somehow, she figured I personally drank a $20 bottle of wine each and every day. I'm not sure I even own any $20 bottles of wine, much less drink one every day. I think we as a family go through about 2 bottles a week, and they average about $14 a bottle. So maybe that's two years worth of wine.

I could also have gotten three really nice snowblowers. Though I only need one.


Anonymous said...

Well sheet - if the mrs spends enough time on that there exerciser machine she will get buff enuf to shovel the damn driveway and you wont need no snowblower machine.

Nava said...

And I keep waiting for my AdSdense money to get my dream Kolinski sable brush, that costs less than $120!?


Rhonda said...

In defense of the Mrs.
I think she is well worth a thirtyfive hundred dollar machine! This is chump change for all she does with the children alone! Homeschooling for instance, the average salary of a teacher is somewhere around thirtyfive grand (that's the first 4 years she teaches).

JohnnyB said...

I gotta agree with you, CherkyB. For $3,500, damn thing better get used really often.

Has nothing to do with what she's worth, or how much money she would earn as a teacher. Just common sense - $3,500 is a lot to spend on something that ends up not getting used in most peoples homes.

Of course, I won't mention the money I wasted on silly products - the $700 video goggles, the $1000 steam machine. I was single at the time - still a waste of money, but I didn't have a SO smack me around and say what the frack are you thinking!

Anonymous said...

How about a gym membership so the Mrs. could get a little daily respite from the childrens and CherkyB

CherkyB said...

So, I suggested to The Mrs. that she join the local Curves, which is a mere 2 miles east of here right near the Ace Hardware, since she absolutely loved Curves in San Schmose. But she complained that it would "Just be too complicated now that it would involve driving." She could walk to the San Schmose Curves, as it was just a block away.

2 blocks past the local Curves is an "Anytime Fitness", which (unlike the 24Hr Fitness chain back in San Schmose) is actually open 24 hours. I was thinking of joining that, but now I'll have to live with elliptical training.