Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Mrs. - Comedic Genius

As we've covered in the past, The Mrs. is a comedic genius. She mostly keeps her mouth shut when it comes to comedy, which is a big part of her genius, but when she decides to let loose, whoa Nelly.

So, yesterday HannahC was getting home schooled, and she was complaining that she wanted to go outside and play instead. Here is what transpired:
HannahC: "I want to go outside an play. Why can't we have recess first?"
The Mrs.: "If you were at school, you wouldn't get to have recess first thing in the morning."
HannahC: "Why not?"
The Mrs.: "Because the teacher is held accountable [for your learning]."


"The teacher is held accountable." It still kills me!


CherkyB said...

For those of you wondering, my darling daughter was watching over my shoulder as I was writing this post, and she objected vehemently to being called "HannieC", as she considers it a baby name. So from now on, she will be referred to as "HannahC".


Good Grief!